Are the latest diet fads confusing and frustrating? Feel like you need a nutritional overhaul or a good detox? .... Training harder but not excelling at your sport or activity? .... Let me customize a Progression Program for you! I will study your current diet and lifestyle, and highlight the areas I think will benefit you to modify. I'll give you an amazing amount of supportive, professional and educational information to help you improve lifestyle choices and nutrition confidently. These customized programs depend on your interaction. I'll organize and supply pertinent information, and create a simple, progressive plan for you to follow along with. Learn about food, drinks and supplements, and how they interact with your body. Knowledge allows us to make educated choices on what we allow in our bodies, on our skin and around our environments. Learn the latest research, products and ailments out in the world. Gain nutritional knowledge that will be with you for the rest of your life!