Why does broccoli make me gassy? .... What’s the difference between bean protein and egg protein? .... Does my vegan or vegetarian diet supply all of the vitamins, minerals and nutrition I need? .... Why do I need to eat more protein or more fats? .... The science of food and drinks are amazing! .... What happens when we place a piece of food in our mouths, chew, swallow and digest? New Perspective Wellness’s food and drink education gives you a better understanding of how our body systems are affected by what we eat. Even the simplest of foods can wreck havoc on healthy organs. These programs teach you basic body functions, nutritional science and holistic nutrition. Food and drink education can give you insight on why we may gain weight and why we may loose weight. Learn about your food allergies and possible ways to steer clear of side affects. Body chemistry, hormone activity and digestive health are major areas of study within our programs. You will never look at a candy bar the same. Enjoy the foods you love, even if they are not the healthiest, but with the new perspective gained from food and drink education, you will be aware of what that caramel does inside of you, allowing more conscious, educated choices to become habit.