Are your kids or family members’ eating habits concerning you? …. Does your spouse or kids have trouble cooking a healthy meal on their own? …. Do you have 4 family members, 4 different crazy schedules and 4 different picky eating habits, all under one roof? …. Do you have an elderly family member in need of more calories, proper vitamins and more physical activity? …. Don't let these common realities stand in the way of your family's health & wellness! Family Nutrition Programs allow you to take control of your lunches and dinners, whether it is on the table at home, at the mall with friends or in the home of your elderly family member. Teach your family how to make independent & responsible eating habits fit into their normal routine. I will supply your family with education, health statistics, cooking ideas and life coaching. Field trips to markets, grocery stores and restaurants help teach your family the right places to be when they get hungry. Be confident that your elderly family member is receiving the right nutrition he or she needs in their late years. Let me bring your family into alignment with my in- home, fun and interactive programs! My goal is to build the nutritional confidence and trust within your family, creating a supportive, health- conscious team.