Ready to explore new fun foods? Sick of eating grilled chicken all the time? …. Are your salads soggy, bland and always the same? …. Do you always buy the same groceries every week? …. A busy work schedule and the rest of what life throws at us will surely take the precious hours out of a day, leaving us with 20 minutes to whip up a quick, healthy, exciting meal. Sometimes we need to be inspired with different food combinations and ideas. Otherwise, we find ourselves victim to fast food chains and over processed, unhealthy foods. I can help! New Perspective Wellness offers you inspirational recipes and ideas to get you out of your boring grilled chicken salad and into your Caribbean jerked chicken..... with pineapple- mango salsa! Not only will I give you ideas, but I am available to accompany you in your home and show you exactly how to prepare, cook and package food for an easy, grab- n- go lifestyle!