New Perspective Wellness understands the importance of results! Everyone needs to see the product of their hard work. Whether the result is a minute off of your run, or 4 inches off your waist....NPW GETS IT!!!

My passions in life are all connected to the human body and it's amazing capabilities. Tapping into the body's inate ability and functionality allow us to be exactly what nature intended us to be...dynamic and one- of- a- kind. Whether it be for strength in body or mind, or have it be for our internal and external health, I motivate everyone to reach beyond their limits.

Be Dynamic...

Enjoying the lifestyle and activities we love become possible through training. Not just training and conditioning our muscles and body systems, but also training and conditioning our habits and choices. Allow me to submerge you into personal health & wellness education, without interrupting your normal, enjoyable lifestyle. Myself and the professionals within my network, offer a plethura of avenues directing you into a new or continuing successful lifestyle. New training ideas, modified cooking strategies, clarified nutrition and a fun, active community ...leads you towards health, strength and being fit, as nature intends you to be.

Benefits to you...

Programs are designed for your independence! I customize, clarify and simplify the issues that confront you, allowing you to go on your way, towards your wellness and fitness goals.

Learning the science behind your customized program puts you in control! Know what results to expect and be clear on the reasons why you are modifying your lifestyle choices.

Enjoy realistic diet plans! You are who you are... and you like what you like! I encourage realistic diet shifts that allow you to eat the things that bring you joy, within healthy limits.

Education stays with you for the rest of your life! Get the results you expect with the bonus of learning along the way!

Explore the website...

Discover the opportunities available to you, your friends and your family! Take the first step and call me! I will guide you into your customized program!


Food for thought!

Goal Setting Our techniques and tips for goal setting will help you achieve all you want in life! Learn how to reduce the habits of procrastination, mental blockages and other internal factors that create a negative resistence in your environment.

Meditation We encourage everyone to seek tranquility within their environment. Finding a calm, peaceful place within your home gives you the ability to free your mind from worry and negative energy. No matter how difficult decisions may seem at the time, a strong, clear mind allows you to focus, think and act with the confidence that you are making all the right choices in life.

Rest & Relaxation You need some TLC! Don’t feel guilty! Making time for yourself helps you be the best you can be. Rest and relaxation allows your body and mind to heal and reset after all that our life throws at us. -- Brush up on the basics of setting aside some "Me Time".